Divorce & Seperation



We help with creating a values based life and financial strategy for divorce,  Financial Affidavits, Lifestyle Analysis, forensic discovery, debt, keeping the home, and other services.   Learn to be financially independent with confidence.  Acquire knowledge and learn a proven system to manage your finances.   We work on simplifying divorce & optimizing outcomes.  

Tax Services


Don't be overwhelmed by the tax filing process.  Use an experienced CPA (20+ years) with a wide array of exposure to personal taxes to complete and file your taxes accurately and timely.  With the return compilation service comes tax planning and advice to help reduce your future tax liability.

Marriage & Blended Families

Marriage is a major step to a fulfilling life.  It also comes with compromise and planning for the many financial obligations and struggles ahead.  Setting up and learning to manage a budget is a key first step, with many more important financial responsibilities to follow - debt, bill pay, saving, understanding your net worth.    The earlier you start, the easier the road ahead will be.

Retirement & Seniors



Adapting to and remaining independent are key to enjoying your golden years.  Evaluating the financial decision of living in a retirement community (independent, assisted living or other) and creating peace of mind can ensure a fulfilling and gratifying lifestyle.  Having the right financial system and process in place can  do the same.

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What is Financial Counseling?

Financial counseling starts with a conversation to understand your needs and goals.  Partnering with you, we prioritize, organize, and simplify a plan of action.  This is key to modifying behaviors that work against you and potentially adverse spending habits.  Empower yourself (with gentle guidance) to become more financially able.