How To Save 50% On Hotel Booking

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While it might seem like everyone is a flight hacker these days, using miles to book long haul flights or snagging mistake fares, not everyone is saving on their hotel stays.

Although short-term rental platforms like Airbnb or VRBO have disrupted the market, many travelers are still booking pricey accommodation. There's not as much information available online about how to save on hotels so many consumers are leaving money on the table when it comes to their summer travel plans.

Luckily, Hopper, a flight and hotel comparison application, crunched the numbers and found three ways that travelers can save up to 50% on hotel bookings this summer.

1. Check-in on Sunday. 

Your check-in day can change the price of your hotel stay anywhere from 15% to 47%, according to Hopper. The app found that Sunday is the least expensive day of the week to check-in to a hotel , with an average of 19% savings on peak prices. Tuesday is generally the most expensive day for check-in.

2. For a vacation, book two to three months in advance. 

Comparison shopping can save you money, but if you're heading to a popular vacation destination this summer... book now, says Hopper. The app found that the best hotel deals are often available two to three months in advance, or even a month before. They say that hotel reservation prices fluctuate just as much, if not more, than flights so it's important to book in advance if you already know your plans.

3. Book your hotel directly, not through a third-party platform.

Although it is easy to search and book hotels through third-party platforms like Expedia or Kayak, if you reach out to a hotel directly you could book at a lower rate, says Hopper.

Hotels can't advertise it online, but there is a chance that they will give you a discount for booking directly through them. Additionally, you're more likely to snag perks like free WiFi or a room upgrade if you book your stay directly rather than through a third-party platform.


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